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Autor: Julie Joyce
Legitimate Link Building Strategies

"1. Email a webmaster, asking for a link to your site. Personalizing your emails is critical here (think about how many emails you get every day) so make sure you're actually emailing webmasters who have sites that are relevant to yours, and, even more importantly, make sure that your site is actually link-worthy. We're all busy people and no one wants to waste time so if it's not a good place for a link to you, don't waste anyone's time.

2. Use the phone. Picking up the phone to do the same thing as listed above is also acceptable for those of us who aren't averse to having to speak to another human being for work matters.

3. Find great sources for links by simply searching the web for your desired target keywords. Whereas even a year ago I would have said that sites appearing high in the SERPs would be good sites to contact, due to the truly amazing amount of spam and hacked sites that appear high up for certain search terms, I'd say you need to visit the sites with a very careful eye. Whereas we used to think that getting a link from any source was a good idea, after Google started notifying webmasters that they had bad links which should be removed, I'd say to be very, very critical."

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Autor: Julie Joyce,

July 3, 2012

Datum: 20.07.2012
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